About Crop Insurance

Farming is a risky business. There are so many things that can go wrong for a farmer, most of which are things that cant be foreseen. Adverse weather, radically declining crop prices, climbing transportation costs and equipment problems can all lead to financial ruin for a farmer. Rather than spend their days worrying about the unknown, farmers can rest at ease and focus on their farming by purchasing crop insurance. In many places Crop Insurance is subsidized and supported by the government to reduce the financial risk of farming and protect our country’s most critical industry.

Like any other insurance, Crop insurance is flexible and a bevy of options are available to best suit the needs of each individual farmer. Crop insurance is a highly specialized area of the insurance industry and many farmers depend on Crop Insurance Only insurance companies to make sure their needs are best taken care of. These specialized agents discuss all the available options with the farmer and provide estimates for premiums at various levels and make suggestions about the policy best suited for each farmer and each crop.

A crop insurance policy is written for a specific crop to be insured, such as rice or almonds, and describes the specifics of the coverage. The most common forms of insurance protect crops against threats of weather and nature such as drought, frost, storms, pests or disease. More comprehensive policies can cover fluctuations in selling prices, by determining the fair price for a crop at the time the policy is purchased. They can also protect a farmer in the event of smaller than expected harvests.

If you have questions about Crop Insurance or have wondered if it’s right for you, contact the knowledgeable agents at Gig7 Crop Insurance, we’re happy to answer all of your questions.


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